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5/27/2008 - My weekend!

My weekend was very fun! I went to the San Jose Flea Market. And yesterday we were suppose to go to Santa Cruz but it was cold then hot then cold. MAn these weather these days are really weird. I did nothing it was BORING! So i went outside and i was playing with Lucky. My dad and I gave him a bath and he got dirty again. We had spring rolls for dinner and some other vietnamese food....... On friday i went to my brothers field trip. they went to san francisco it was mostly boring but i had a great time. So thats a little of my weekend!!!!

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5/6/2008 - Joanna's B day

hi PPL!! I went to Jojo birthday and I had a lot of fun. I met her puppy coco and Ying Ying. They are both so cute! JoJo 's b day was so fun. we had string sprayers and we sprayed each other and her brother. It was very fun. Man I had alot of fun there it was great. we had alot of food and i loved  playing with her puppies. next time i might bring Lucky too. I can't wait if she has another b day next year. It is because her birthdays are very fun! I like playing with her. O an she played ms. and iu had a ton of fun!

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4/22/2008 - Lucky...

hi ppl!  well you know i got a puppy named Lucky and on sunday. he ran away or was stolen by someone. I looked for him for hours how can a lil puppy walk to somewhere so far. My mom and i drove to find him in our neighborhood. I missed him so much but yesterday a miracle happened. We found him! A old lady and man was holding him and my mom spotted him. They were saying alot of stuff. They were lying about everything like he got hit by a car.. and stuff.  i ws kind of mad and i was happy because he was back. But i m happy he is home..

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4/15/2008 - Yay!

yay! i can't wait untl saturday because i might get to go see my lil cuz. She is a newborn. Her name is Haley. I can't wait until I see her because I didn't get to seee her. Not even once, my parents were to busy to go to her house. I saw Haley in the pictures but I want to see her and carry her. My grand ma said that she is very cute. I can't wait. Everyone except me and my family didn't get to see her. I just can't wait! Yay i want to see her!

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4/8/2008 - My cousin's Birthday!

i celebrated my little cousin's birthday on sunday. we went to a place called mayflower and i saw my dentist there. He bought a huge king crab because his sister came from China. we ate a lot of seafood and rice. there were fried rice and some other stuff. i loved her cake! it was an ice cream cake with chocolate and fruit but it tasted kind of too sweet. her birthday was the best everyone had alot of fun! Jessica got  80 dollars and alot of gifts. it was too bad that one of my auntie and uncle couldnt go. it was because they went to a funeral and the newborn baby. also my uncle had to go to work also.

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4/1/2008 - lol!

o and my spring break was good and it was fun!!!!!

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4/1/2008 - My new puppy!!!!!!!!

I got a new puppy on spring break. We adopted him at the animal shelter near Lucky. He is a chiuaua mixed with dachound. We named him Lucky because my mom wants good things to happen. When we adopt him but it did happen! he is only 2 months old and he is very small. He likes to go outside and sunbath or play in the grass in our backyard. Lucky drinks milk and he likes to eat ceral because he is still young. He doesn't bark or bite stuff. He is well behaved sometimes he whines a little but you can't really hear it! He is so cute i can hold him and stuff. I will put some pictures of him up when i have time at home. but believe me he is SO cute!!!!!! 

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3/13/2008 - My cousin birthday!

It is almost my cousin's birthday! Her name is Jessica.  She will be 7 or 8 years old. Her birthday is going to be on April 4th. I can't wait I will give her a Hello Kitty wallet because it is so kiddish and I don't like Hello Kitty. She is going to have a party with me, and our family. Maybe some of her friends too! I can't wait I know it will be really fun! Although her mom might think that there will be too much people. Her birthday is going to be the best this year. I just can't wait to go to her house!!!!!!!!!!!

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3/7/2008 - HEY PPL!

If u wanna see sumthing cute go to youtube

Copy and paste this on the www. thing


u will see a cute little chicken singing it is so cute

it sounds cute too ! LOL! see ya!

o the title is sweet chicken singing


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3/6/2008 - Origami

I like to fold origami so much! It is very fun you can make a lot of things with origami paper.  You can make a dog, a cat, a fish etc. You can make lots of thimgs. It looks cute when you finish it unless you messed it up.  You can do alot of things with origami paper. The easiest thing to fold to me is a crane or a box. When you finish it turns out magnificent! It looks ugly when you mess it up. I like to fold origami it is so fun. You can enjoy by yourself or with other people. It is such a fun activity! 

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2/28/2008 - My Auntie New Baby

My auntie is having a baby! I am so excited for her! I can't wait to see her. She is a girl. Her name is Haley but I don't know which way to spell it. She is in the hospital right now or so. I can't wait to see the new baby. I like kids when they are a baby because they just eat and cry. It is easier to take cae of them not like my baby sister she just turned one year old. She is just like a little Rugrat. She is a big handful also. O well at least it was fun before

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2/21/2008 - When I went to China Town

I went to China Town on Saturday. My little brother had to go to the doctor and he had a vaccine. He was crying for a while after that then he stopped. Then I went to the libary to borrow some books. I went to sweet heart cafe to get a drink for my mom and I. After all of this things happened I had to go see when I was going to make new glasses. I made an appointment for March something..  My mom brought my brother and I to ABC to buy some cakes but all of the cakes look squished and moldy. EW! I had to go home because my dad and brother had to go to San Fransico to meet my grand pa. I was bored at home and I had to take care of my little sister. She was such a handful. That's what I did on Saturday!!   

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2/14/2008 - happy valentine's day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I got alot of cards and candy. I might get a sweet tooth when i get home. My cards are all different except two of them. They both are Ratooiule.  I am giving cards and candy out too. I gave some teachers cards and some will get candy today.  I will give some candy to my little brother because he is a candy  lover. He is a candy craver.  Valentine's Day is fun because you get to recieve things like cards or candy.  I mostly like the candy and cards because it is really cute or etc. I like Valentine's Day so much.
 Happy Valentine's Day!

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2/7/2008 - Happy Chinese New Year!

 Happy Chinese New Year every one! I can't wait for money. I want money so much! I am broke in bankrupcy just kidding. I like to wear the chinese new year clothes and the accesories. It is cute and pretty. It also gives you good luck! The color red gives you good luck. I have red envelopes and a dress for chinese new year. Chinese New Year is the best I like the fairs alot. I like getting free stuff only if it is cute or useful.

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1/31/2008 - Valentine's Day and my little sister Bday

      Hi everyone! It is almost Valentine's Day and my little sister B Day too. Her birthday is on Febuary 8th. It was suppose to be on the 18th but  I guess she came out early.  Also on Feb. 7th there is Chinese New Year. I can't wait because I want money. Her birthday is after Chinese New Year , so she will get money and presents. That is so not  fair! On Valentine's Day, I might get out cards and candy but I don't know yet. When it is Valentine's Day I would like to give things out but I have no idea if my mom will let my use my money, so far I only have ten to five dollars left.  I can't wait for Veronica's B Day and Valentine's Day!!  

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1/30/2008 - PPL!


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1/30/2008 - PPL!



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1/24/2008 - Tamagotchi

 Tamagotchi is this little device that you can play games on. You need to take care of a creature. You have to feed it, make it happy so it won't die. I like to play tamagotchi so I can connect with my friends. It is very fun, you get to go shopping, and you can go to a website called You log in to the world either V4 orV3 or V4.5. You can buy stuff and earn money which is easier there. Tamagotchi is so much fun. Some of my friends have it so do I. There are different designs on each one. Some are so cute and some designs are ok. Tamagotchi is a great game which is so fun!

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1/17/2008 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Its been a long time since New Year. On New Year i didn't do anything. I was at home really bored. Well, my friend came to my house her name was Winnie. We were playing computer tennis and this and that. It was fun until she left. When it was New Year I was mostly at home taking care of my little sister and brother. New Year was so boring I was tired and unhappy. I couldn't go anywhere cause my little sister was sick so was my brother. At least, I didn't get sick if I did it would be hard to take care of them. HAppy New YEar!
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1/13/2008 - my new dog!

I got a dog his name is biscuit he is white and golden pomerarian! hes very cute and i got him 4 free!!!!!!! i got him yesterday actually!

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