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MY TEACHER MR.D12/3/2007
wassup! I'm going to talk about my teacher Mr.D.....He is a serious teacher [that cares about kids grades and never stop beleiving in them].He is a funny teacher and nice if you be good,try hard,and do your best!He is a great teacher. He may be mean sumtimes but he always care about kids grade. The first day of school, i thought that he was a mean teacher, but now i found out that he isnt really a mean teacher. I'm glad that i am in Mr.D's class because the work that he gives out makes me smarter everyday. ROCK ON MR.D!!!
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yup tats true mr.d go!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by meiling

yup tats true mr.d go !!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by meiling

Wow, you're the first person who has ever said that I'm serious.
Posted by Mr. D

Untitled Comment12/5/2007
mr d is serious
Posted by valerie

Mr.d is nice but kind of mean
Posted by Anonymous

Untitled Comment5/23/2011
whant to talk
Posted by Anonymous