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? 3/6/2008 - my family a cool trips

in my family there arew only 4 of us my mom my dad my sister and me.we do a lot of exiting things like go to new places all the time with  friends or my dads friends I remember one time we whent to the top of these mountains with my unkil when we got there we ate some corn on cob then we whent on a hike and we came by this abondond dormitory house it was all taged on it was dark in side my unkil said he knew that it was for people to pass the night there and he said the next morning every body in there were gone so th shut that place down and that people tried to get in it was very little.He also said that a couple and their children were hiking till they got striked by a fierce bear and they got killed it was getting late so my unkil said to turn back then it was night we could fairly see are way back  we had to climb some rocks to take a short cut we passed by another abondonde place it was a sheriffs police building it was scary you could hear the howling of all th wild creatures that was a scary experiance

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