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? 5/6/2008 - SUMMER

i cant wait till summer time because i am going to go to a lot of places

and i am going to get a psp.and we are going to Los Angeles and stay there on the sunset hotel for 2 and a half weeksAnd we mare alsoe going to spent a lot of time with our family

like play with our cuisins and play video games all daywe are also gonna go to bbq on the beach and go swimming my mom wants to take me my sister friends and cousin to disney land but i think thats for 1 yearolds i told her to take us to six flags or great america but she said she will think about it

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? 3/31/2013 - qikRPAiCHeq

Posted by Sharan
I do apologize for renylipg in English, don't know Hebrew but could read all the info via Google Translate The problem with the length of the name is not due to the Icelandic naming regulation, it is due to the fact that the computer system that was installed many years ago didn't accept more than 31 characters. This made the government officials ban people to use above 31 characters. The only substitute is using only the first letter as Guy mentioned above.I know this sounds very stupid (it is) but this has been a problem for a long time but will be fixed soon since it is most likely illegal.Being Icelandic I do like the fact that we don't use family names. This gives each individual the option of becoming something by his own but not because he belongs to the Jonsson family or something like that. Family names where used in Iceland by rich immigrants that ruled a lot the business in Iceland before we became indepented. Those names still exist with some individuals but we couldn't care at all. Some form of Icelandic family names also have been used as with Laxness, Eldje1rn etc. but people will always have to use their parents name as well (people can choose between using your fathers or mothers name in your last name. By default fathers name is added to your name but it can be changed. So if my mothers name was Helga then I would be Helguson (the name to Helgu Helga changes according to Icelandic Grammar).a0
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? 4/3/2013 - ynwxlIyLskmxCsxxpor

Posted by gsgdawidxu
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? 4/4/2013 - IdRbfkbakGeVx

Posted by pzbruyoujvb
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