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lol i just downloaded photoshop it was very kewlll  ..... i have beennn learning it for a feww weekkk but i stilll dont realllyyy noe how to use it

  my first picture

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my summer suks. D: i wanna go bak to school. btw i hate summer but i like summer :P. hate summer cuz its boring. love summer cuz no school no hw n no nothing.i miss my friends... T.T

(Posted by Meiling)
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school so far5/29/2008

school here so far is boring. i use to have fun at roosevelt but here its so boring. the classes there was fun here i got all boring classes.even pe is hella boring. i still got to meet some of my friends. i know dat 2 gurlz like me. people had been spreading rumors that this gurlz is my girlfriend"jenny chen". if not her it is her friend geraldine. i think dat jenny like me more than geraldine. well westlake pe teacher has a turkey neck and i have a g@y teacher for 5th and 6th period. i really want to see mah friends here.nhat,luis,alan,nhan,tommy,thanhnot 6th grade thank but 7th grade,christian,isley,abdulrahman,jeffery,sovanna,lawence.there is more but i dont remember them all. if u r nhat or abdulrahman say sup to alan and nhan. and tell me if there r friends or not. thank god it is almost summer.i cant stand it anymore it is hella boring. mr.d mr. hughes says hi. if u r reading this and u r my friend i want to say if u want to see me during the summer i will be playing bball at franklin with maybe alan.

(Posted by Peter Ebersole)
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The Performance =]5/27/2008
We had a concert last Thursday. It was hot that day, but luckily we were in the auditorium.  Even though I didn't do anything it was still kind of fun. We went there 1st period. Ms.Green's music class and Mr.Edwards Drama class all went there and stay there for the whole day .The best thing about being in the performance was that we get to miss class. I liked the band because it was REALLY LOUD, woot go Tommy! The skits were funny too. =] I helped created them after all. I had fun in the auditorium, I caught up on some sleep too. >_<

(Posted by Tony)
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    OMG!! i cannot believe that i am going to Salt Lake City is going to bi sooooooo much frikin fun!!!!! glad im missing bizworld for 1st and 2nd peroid. its soo annoying.......well i am gonna miss my frends but at least im comin bak on Monday......nooooo......but in the beggining of the summer mi and my familiy are going to Hawaii andthen we are going to Salt Lake City again and we'll bi staying their for a pretty long time. i was gonna stay at Salt Lake for a longer time when i go 2morrow,but nawwww....i have to go i mean finish this annoying school first. its about time i finally go on an rockin awsome vacation............well its time for mi 2 go.............peace luv yah...........sooooooooooo much and dont miss mi too much while im gone cus i definitely wont miss you .........j/ mi.....

(Posted by Brenda Villareal)
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 Well in BIZ World my class for Mr. Smith in 1st and 2nd period we get into groups. BIZ world is an activity that we do almost everyday to prepare for a company that you might run in the future. My group is selling frienship bracelets. My groups name is Alidocious Union.  The  job I  have to do is to sell the bracelets by getting the customer interested in bbuying the product. My bosses name is President Nguyen. The prize at the end is to go on a field trip to UC Berkeley, to a tour of businesses and to get some free things or great info's of a good business. My teacher sells to our groups the strings, beads, and other products. My teacher is alos the bank of our company. My group company is running well.

                     BIZ WORLD******  

(Posted by Marie Pulu)
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omg ;D5/27/2008
its almost end of school ;D. yay summer ;].......... hmmmm im gonna be 7th grade next year. this summer. im goin to shopping. but ill mostly stay on n play ms. i hope i can lvl it to 70 3rd job ;D [hermit]. hehe  my week is boring.... >.< i hate going to school n i hate staying home ...

(Posted by Meiling)
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Ida's birthday5/27/2008
Ida had a birthday party on Sunday. Her birthday was on Saturday though. The party starts at 12 but then me and Betsy went at 10 . When we got there , most of the people didn't arrive yet ony me, Betsy,Theresa,Jun, and Jun's friend. Later on more people came but then it was Ida relatives. It was fun anyways . We were watching funny movies there . After that I went on the jumper in the backyard , but then it wasn't very fun because there wasn't much people on it . So then I went back to the livingroom and they were playing video games . So then I watched them play . Then I ate lunch and then I still watched them play the video games . I went home at 6:30. The party wasn't really fun, but it wasn't boring.
(Posted by Beijo Lee)
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My Weekend5/27/2008
My weeked was fun until Monday. On friday i stayed home all day playing on the computer. It wasen`t that fun do. On saturday I went to go visit one of my mom friends it was fun because she has a daughter 2. On sunday i went to the library because my dad wanted me to get a book to read on Monday. I also went to the mall and bought some cloths.Now on monday it was terrible because i had to read that boring book. Then i had to go washing with my mom. When we came home my sister grabed a stick that you use to hit a pillata and was fighting with my uncle. But she hit me when i was passing by, she hitted me in the forhead. Ad it hurted a loy.
(Posted by joselyn)
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BBQ at Shi Ying's house!5/27/2008
Hi Everyone!!!!!Im here to talk about the BBQ that I went to yesterday.I got to see Shi Ying's house it was pretty big(medium).We(friends and I)went to the attic it was empty but not scary because it was full of toys in there!!!We had to pick up some friends like.....Rixin.Almost everyone meet at Roosevelt but some didn't they had a ride.It was really fun over there.....we had icecream....and we had a BBQ lol.The only thing that was bad was the didn't work so we just went outside and play hide and seek!!!!I was the first one to find them.Thats all I got to say......BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Posted by Joanna Ngo)
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My weekend!5/27/2008
My weekend was very fun! I went to the San Jose Flea Market. And yesterday we were suppose to go to Santa Cruz but it was cold then hot then cold. MAn these weather these days are really weird. I did nothing it was BORING! So i went outside and i was playing with Lucky. My dad and I gave him a bath and he got dirty again. We had spring rolls for dinner and some other vietnamese food....... On friday i went to my brothers field trip. they went to san francisco it was mostly boring but i had a great time. So thats a little of my weekend!!!!

(Posted by valerie)
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Today at Chinese School5/27/2008
Today at Chinese School, I will have a very big test. The test is today tommorrow and on Thursday. This test determines if I get to go to the next grade or not. Everyone at that school has to take it. We all have two hours to take that test, and then its after school. We take this test four times each year. This is our last time to take this test. Nobody likes to take this test. Well, thats what I think.  That all I have to say about this test!

(Posted by cindy)
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BBQ YeasterdayBB5/27/2008
 Yeasterday I have a BBQ at my house. I invited my friends: Joanna, Cindy Lu, Winnie, Amy, Rixin, and Cindy's little sister, Annie. I have to wake up in the morning to pick up them. Then we started to have a BBQ. First my mom help us light up the thing and then she told us to do it ourself. Me and Rixin was happy because we can cook things, but I think we made a mess. It was fun cooking things and we just kept eating and eating and eating.Next we got into my house and we play. Can you believe that they were FUN playing with my sister's toys!? So dumb...but funny..hahaha. I'm gonna upload the pictures this afternoon and WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE IT!!!!

(Posted by Shi Ying Pang)
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Yesterday my cousin came to my house. She said that she was bored and had nothing to do..and..I said why don't you turn on the computer?....She said okay...(she's only 6)...After she went on internet she told me that she want to watch some scary videos on youtube...I ask her wat kind of movie...she said she want to watch a movie about..."Bloody Mary"...(i told her all about bloodymary)...So then I helped her type it in...and I picked the most scariest one for her...SHE WAS WATCHING IT LIKE CRAZY!!!...after it was over she was like..."WOW"...
(Posted by Jiang Li)
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(Posted by Tony)
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I LOVE HANNAH MONTANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHE ROCKS!!!!!!!LIKE MII.....5/6/2008

OMG.......ok first ill start like this.............SHE ROX HARD!!!!!!! mi i thinx she ROX but if you dont then wateva forget you.......well just to say omg i dont even noe wat to say besides she u should  listen to her ROXIN AWSOME music it is soooooooo coool ive spended almost half of mi life lovin her i am sooooo obsessed with her almost my whole life is full filled with her.........she is one of my role models just like mi familia......and she intends to bi one of mi older mi i think that she is like soo really intense....her music omg.......her music bi roxin!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yea and her music videos she bi lookin roxin hard sexy fine.......i bet if i were a boy i would omg ....absolutly ask her out and then i would propose to her and then i would have such an romantic life........BUT too bad im not a boy and inplus to tell the truth i really dont evenwanna bi a boy ok well its time for mi to hop or bounce away sooo  i love you all except you know hoo...............and goodbye.....

(Posted by Brenda Villareal)
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Switching Songs5/6/2008
  Hello~~~!!!!!! I am Shi Ying Pang~~~!! I really like to switch songs with my friends. I switch a lot of songs already. About 40of them? I think... switching songs are hard. Somethimes I have to think a lot...I have to think about how you gonna switch that chinese words into english? My friends and I are having a lot of trouble changing it. A lot of times Kelly ( my god-bro's GF) help me with it.. She's really good at it.. She knows how to play a lot of instrument and sometimes we both wrote songs together too..!!~~~~ I am so happy that I have her.... So now, I don' really have problem switching songs?

(Posted by Shi Ying Pang)
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Betsy's Birthday !5/6/2008
Friday May 2nd was my sister betsy's birthday. She got a lot of presents I was jelous when someone gave her ciniminroll . My mom gave her a lot of money and at home we celebrated her birthday at home . I made her this heart shaped bowl ,but I don't think she liked it . She had like two wishes she could had made because she had 2 birthday cakes . She had one birthday cake from my mom and on Sunday betsy's friends bought a cake for her . On Sunday was also my dad's birthday so then when he came home from work we celebrated his birthday . We bought our dad this very very sweet chocolate cake with strawberries on the top . I slept very late on Sunday too . I slept around midnight .

(Posted by Beijo Lee)
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My Play Mom5/6/2008
My play mom is Amanda. She always pinches me when she sees me. She pinched me in front of Mr.D. Now even Mr.D pinches me in class. She also always hit my head in music class and at lunch. My aunties always stop her from hugging me. I think its funny watching them fight. Even though she doees a lot of hitting, I still like her as my play mom. I also have a play dad. He is Meiling!

(Posted by cindy)
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omg we gonna have a firld trip this month. on may 16...... we gonnna go meet our pen pal. all of mr.ds student are goin too. xD wer gonnna have a BBQ. N PLAY GAMES WITH OUR PEN PAL. so yea....we might play water balloons. we pay 5 dollars to go . i cant wait for the firld trip.

(Posted by Meiling)
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