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Sign Generators

These generators allow you to customize the text of various things. Type in your message and the image is created for you to do with as you please.

ASCII Artist

This program changes images into text. You can choose several different options like color or monochrome, fixed character or random, and high or low quality. Once your image is rendered, you can copy and paste it.

Button Generator

With this tool, you can create "80x15 brilliant buttons", also known as "antipixel buttons" or "badges". These are quite popular with bloggers, and will look great on your website as well.

Avatar Maker

Select an avatar and customize it with your name or any text you like. You can then save the image and use it on messageboards or however you like.


RedKid's Oekaki Pages allows artists to draw pictures with 5 different Oekaki applications. Drawing can be done with your mouse, graphics tablet, or touchscreen. Images can be saved on the server and downloaded.

Favicon Generator

Upload an image and this tool will convert it into a 16 x 16 favicion.ico file to be displayed in browsers and bookmark lists.

Smiley Sign Generator

Pick your favorite smiley and customize its sign with your own message. Perfect for posting to bulletin boards, blogs, and webpages. Download the image directly, or click Save image and create link and copy the BBcode, HTML, or MySpace code.

Banner Maker

Create a banner for your website. It's easy to do! Pick a banner, type your message, and choose the color and location of your text. There are many banners to choose from and more are on the way.

Freeway Sign Maker

This is a fun little tool that allows you to create freeway signs. Choose markers from any state. There are many customization options. To save the image, however, you must do a screen capture.

Glitter Text Generator

This generator allows you to create glitter text. Choose from an assortment of different fonts and glitters, then download the image or create code for blogs, myspace, etc.
E-mail Signature Generator

Create an image for your email signature with this generator. Pick the colors, email provider, and username, then download the image or create code to place into your email signature.
Smiley Face Generator

Make smiley faces to use for bulletin boards and emails. Pick the colors, shapes, and features, and RedKid will create the code to use them on the net.

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